Android Apps That Are Stealing Bank Credentials

These Android phone apps are stealing bank credentials. Do you have anything on this list installed? If so, delete them now to stay safe.

Malicious mobile applications don’t look anything like their legitimate counterparts. However, they behave just like any other app. When they tell users there’s an update available, what they’re installing is a piece of software that collects sensitive user information.

A fake Play Store listing asks you to install an app that downloads and runs a malicious file. It’s not real.

How Researchers Found The Malware

Android Apps with Malware, Delete NowA recent analysis of the Android OS revealed that the application was installed on about 1 million devices. Although the number of downloads might not sound significant, the researchers believe that the app’s popularity could mean that it may contain dangerous functionality.

When opening the application on the phone registered in Italy, the application would open a fake Play store page with a bogus listing. It would also reveal that there were updates available for the application.

Some browsers might warn the end customer, but the device owner could be reassured that the application came from the Google Play Store. So they’d proceed with the installation.

If you’re not in Italy, you might be surprised to learn that another malware dropper, FileManagerSmallLite, has been targeting financial apps in other parts of Europe.

A new variant of a banking Trojan was recently discovered. It tracks every tap and gesture an Android user makes, similar to Sharkbot.

You should also check the app store ratings before downloading any new applications. These malicious applications often try to trick users into installing them by pretending they’re legitimate updates to existing software. They may ask you to rate the application or provide fake positive feedback, so you’ll think installing it is safe.

If you’ve got one of these installed on a mobile device, uninstall it immediately. It may not be gone entirely, but at least you won’t run into any problems.

The Android Apps You Need To Delete Right Now

  • Recover Audio, Images, & Videos
  • Codice Fiscale 2022
  • Zetter Authentication
  • File Manager Small, Lite
  • My Finances Tracker

Such a Trojan distribution method is hazardous because victims may remain unaware for a long time and might not report any suspicious activities on their devices.

Therefore, it is vital to take action on both the organization and user sides to identify such malicious apps and their malware payloads and any suspicious activity occurring on user devices.