Block Scam Likely Calls On iPhone, Android, Mobile, Verizon, and More!

Block Scam Likely Calls On iPhone, Android, Mobile, Verizon, and More!Here’s how to quickly block scam likely calls on iPhone, Android, T Mobile, Verizon AT&T, Boost, Simple, Metro Wireless, and more!

Most people can relate to the anxiety they feel when they receive a call from someone who identifies themselves as calling from a government agency or financial institution if you’re concerned about obtaining one of these calls, tap or click here to learn more about scams and what you can do if you receive one.

If you’re frustrated by spam callers, we’ve found some valuable tricks to help block them from calling you again. So you don’t need to live with constant interruptions.

How to block spam likely calls on your specific phone:

iPhone Instructions:

Send unknown and spam callers to voicemail.

Go to Settings > Phone, then tap any of the following:

Silence Unknown Callers: You get notifications for calls from people in your contacts, recent outgoing calls, and Siri Suggestions.

Call Blocking & Identification: Turn on Silence Junk Callers (available with certain carriers) to silence calls identified by your carrier as potential spam or fraud.

Android Instructions:

To use caller ID and spam protection, your phone may need to send information about your calls to Google. However, it doesn’t control whether your number shows when you make calls.

On your device, open the Phone app.

Tap More options More and then Settings and then Spam and Call Screen.

Turn to See caller & spam ID on or off.

Optional: To block spam calls on your phone, turn on “Filter spam calls.” You don’t get missed calls or voicemail notifications, but filtered calls are in your call history, and you can check your voicemail.

T-Mobile Instructions:

As a result of their efforts, T-Mobile created the term “scam likely” to describe numbers flagged as suspicious by the company’s spam filter.

You can use the Scam Shield application to fine-tune these settings more precisely. When you receive a scam-likely message, the phone call has been identified as a fraud within a database of criminals.

You don’t need an app to block scam likely calls every time. On both iOS and Android devices, you can use a built-in phone number blocking option called “Scam Likely” to block unwanted calls from unknown numbers.

Open the Phone app.

Dial #662# and hit Call.

Verify that the new features have been activated by entering the phone number 787 into the app.

Suppose you want to disable Scam Block, dial *632* (the asterisk key) followed by the pound sign (#). It’s easy — and well worth it!

Verizon Instructions

Verizon subscribers won’t see “Scam Likely” pop up on their phone screens, but they can still prevent unwanted calls by blocking any number that appears on their caller ID. For iPhones, tap the name of the person who called you and select Block Caller.

Open the Phone app and select Recents.

Look for the caller ID associated with the call under your recent calls.

Tap the “i” symbol.

Click until you reach the Block this callers option.

Once you tap this, choose Block contact from the prompt that appears.

On a Verizon Android:

Tap into Recent

Choose which callers you want to be blocked.

Hit the “i” button.

On the contact card, at the end of the phone number, tap Block.

Confirm at the pop-up.

If you can stay ahead of new spammers, then this method is ideal for you because you won’t get interrupted by any calls. In addition, you can block each one individually, so there’s no need to worry about missing out on meaningful business calls.

AT&T Instructions

If you’re having trouble blocking unwanted phone numbers from calling you, here’s how to with AT&T Caller ID Blocker, you can protect yourself from unwanted calls by setting up your phone number so that anyone who dials your number gets sent straight to voicemail.

If someone tries calling you multiple times, they get sent back to voicemail automatically. For iPhone and iPad users, an app called AT&T ActiveArmor is available for free at iTunes.

Get the app to help protect your phone number against unwanted callers by detecting and blocking them before they reach you. Additionally, it automatically sends suspicious numbers to voicemail when detected.

Boost Mobile Instructions

To manually add a number to your block list, select the Manage icon and select Block if not already selected.

Select the + button at the bottom right-hand corner and manually enter the 10-digit number you want to block in the search box; select Search and the number will be added to your block list.

If the number is listed in your Recent activity, select the number, and from the detail view screen, select the Block number icon.

Other Carriers and Wrap-Up

There are several things you can do to stop robocalls from reaching your phone. First, you should sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry to avoid unwanted phone calls. You should receive fewer unwanted calls and text messages within a few weeks. Then, check with your phone service provider for additional information.

It would be best to permanently block spam likely calls you didn’t recognize and keep your phone number private. If you know that a call is pre-dubbed, hang up immediately.

Block Scam Likely Calls On iPhone, Android, Mobile, Verizon, and More!
Block Scam Likely Calls On iPhone, Android, Mobile, Verizon, and More!
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