Frequently Asked Questions

Every day we receive hundreds of emails regarding phishing reports. Answering the most common questions we receive below helps our small team at PhishingBase to prioritize responses promptly.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about PhishingBase.

We appreciate the support as we try to help both consumers and businesses stay safer!

Q.) What is phishing?

A.) Phishing is a scam where bad actors try to impersonate a legitimate organization, business, or person via email, text message (SMS), phone, ads, social media, and other techniques. Email and Text (SMS) is the most popular forms of phishing.

Q.) What is the purpose of PhishingBase?

A.) PhishingBase is a Cyber Threat Intelligence startup designed to help track phishing emails and scams hurting people and businesses. Cyber security and phishing scams are swift moving and a growing problems affecting millions of people globally. We do our part to help keep people aware and safer by monitoring popular or trending websites for security issues and login spoofing.

Q.) My business/website/brand / etc. has been affected by phishing; what should I do?

A.) Please consult your IT / Tech and Legal teams for assistance. Each cyber security incident is unique and should be handled appropriately. PhishingBase is unable to give advice outside of our publicly available reports. For individuals or small businesses without IT / Tech and or legal assistance, please see the following resources here:

Federal Trade Commission

Global Cyber Alliance

CISA Cybersecurity

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