How Scammers Access Your Bank Accounts

These are the ways how scammers access your bank accounts. Learn how to avoid giving them the methods to get in your money.

Some missteps may result in scammers obtaining access to your banking accounts. Heartless scammers maliciously target the elderly most often and vulnerable since they know they’re more likely to be taken advantage of. Sadly, these scam artists take advantage of unsuspecting people everywhere.

Store Your Phone Contacts, Don't Answer Numbers You Do Not KnowDo Not Open Emails Or Click Links From Unknown Senders

It’s pretty simple to be safer from phishing emails, but people keep opening emails from people they don’t know and clicking links in them. While spear phishing is making for some very convincing emails, most issues can still be avoided by simply ignoring the known bad/suspect emails.

Store Your Phone Contacts, Don’t Answer Numbers You Do Not Know

Adding your friends and family to your phone’s contacts list is one of the best things you can do, it is a good idea to save other important information, such as verifying the caller’s identity before answering can prevent dangerous situations. If your search shows a risk, be sure to block the number right away.

Setup Your Phone’s Voicemail

Oftentimes, fraudsters won’t leave voicemails. In the rare instance that they do, you can use Google to check the number and determine whether the caller is genuine or not in no time.

No one from the government or any service company will ever call you asking for money without prior warning.

Be wary of scammers who claim to be representatives of businesses, traditional phone or cable providers, and even the IRS. If you get a call demanding payment for back taxes or late fees, this is almost certainly a scam. No official organization will order you to pay over the phone.

Block Fraudulent Text Messages and Phone Calls

Before responding to a text message from an unknown number, consider if you recognize the number and whether it’s asking for payment. Additionally, keep these other steps in mind.

It is prudent to also obtain a reliable text-blocking and robocall-blocking service for your phone. Nomorobo and RoboKiller are two of the best. Both the Apple App store and the Google Play Store carry them.

We also strongly recommend having a reliable antivirus program running on all devices to avoid scammers who are trying to trick others out of their money using a sad story that tugs on their heartstrings.

How Scammers Access Your Bank Accounts
Store Your Phone Contacts, Don't Answer Numbers You Do Not Know
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