List of Chrome Extensions With Malware That Infected One Million Computers

Here is the list of Google Chrome extensions with malware that infected over one million computers. Remove now if you have one of these installed on your Windows PC.

You know that you must be careful with what you download onto your computer—or at least you should be by now. Unfortunately, however, modern browsers are becoming increasingly complex and powerful, so much so that they’re effectively little virtual computers that just happened to show YouTube video clips.

So let’s remember once again: We also require the same level of care and precaution when downloading new extensions into our browsers. Case in hand, the latest popular extension malware has already been downloaded and installed over one million times.

Researchers from Guardia Labs discovered 30 different malicious browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. These malicious browser extensions were found on spam websites.

As of now, these extensions have been removed from various online retailers. So if you’ve got any of these extensions installed in your Google Chrome web browsers, you should remove them immediately.

The full list of Chrome extensions with malware; remove these immediately:

Action Colors
Background Colors
Border Colors
Change Color
Colors Mode
Colors Scale
Dood Colors
Get Colors
Hex Colors
Mega Colors
Mix Colors
More Styles
Nino Colors
Power Colors
Refrech Color [sic]
Single Color
Soft View
Style Flex
Super Colors
WebPage Colors
What Color
Xer Colors

Malicious extensions can inject ads onto web pages and add affiliated links to popular shopping websites. However, they haven’t yet been seen sending users to phishing pages designed to capture their login credentials.

While Google and Microsoft may have removed some of the malicious Chrome and Edge browsers, they aren’t going to stop people from creating new ones. So, if you’re worried about security, check the developer’s site before installing any new software. And, never install anything without first checking its reputation.

List of Chrome Extensions With Malware That Infected One Million Computers