Medicare Benefits Scam Calls – What Seniors Should Do

If you know senior citizens who are receiving Medicare benefits scam calls every day, here is what they should do to stop it.

Recently, people around the United States have been receiving unsolicited telephone calls from scammers claiming to be calling on behalf of the U.S. government’s Medicare division.

A Medicare benefits scam is where telephone-based criminals pretend to be from Medicare or an insurance company. They may trick senior citizens by using phone spoofing technology to change their caller ID so that it appears that they are calling from Medicare or a legitimate healthcare company.

Do You Know A Senior Who Is Being Targeted With The Medicare Benefits Scam?

Medicare Benefits ScamMedicare scammers can be persuasive, threatening, and aggressive. However, it’s essential to stay calm and remind yourself that they can’t do anything to you unless you give them your personal information.

If you get a Medicare scam call for benefits, have the senior take these steps immediately:

Don’t ever give out any personal info to anyone who might call claiming to be from Medicare. This includes your full name, address, Medicare Number, and Social Security Number.

Hang up the phone. If a call seems suspicious, don’t bother contacting the caller again. Instead, contact Medicare directly at Medicare.Gov or by calling 1- 800-Medicare (1-800-633-4227). Do not call back the original caller.

Immediately tell Medicare if you get a scam phone call. Contact Medicare by calling them at 1-800-Medicare or contacting their fraud hotline at 1–800–HHS–Tips.

Tell your loved ones: Make sure your loved ones know that you’ve been called by an imposter pretending to be from Medicare. They may not even be on the same telephone line or living under the same roof, but if they are, they might be targeted by the same fake caller. You can share your experience, so they don’t fall victim to the same scam.

Remember that Medicare won’t phone you to sell you anything; if you get a suspicious phone call from people pretending to be with Medicare, ignore them and block the number if possible.

Apps like Robokiller can also help block these types of calls on mobile phones.

Medicare Benefits Scam Calls – What Seniors Should Do
Medicare Benefits Scam
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