New Scam Targets Army Soldiers With Payroll Scheme

A new scam targets Army soldiers and recruits with payments to Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, Apple Pay, or PayPal in a payroll scheme.

New Scam Targets Army Soldiers With Payroll SchemeScammers typically target military personnel who are in boot camp or on their first assignment. Dozens of Army personnel have been deceived by con artists to the tune of over $140,000 in a fraud that involves utilizing digital platforms such as Venmo, reported military officials.

The U.S. Army Fort Huachuca location in Arizona warned that Initial Entry Soldiers at various bases have been victims of a scam.

The caller, who identified themselves as a non-commissioned officer or first sergeant with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service or a local finance office, asked that payment be made via a peer-to-peer money transfer app allegedly to “fix a military pay problem,” according to the post.

The Fort Huachuca Military Police have reported that 74 people have been taken advantage of by the scam and over $143,000 so far has been stolen from soldiers.

According to a post, the DFAS and local military offices will never require soldiers to pay debts or get backpay through peer-to-peer money transfer apps. Victims of this scam should contact their local Military Police or civilian law enforcement agency.

New Scam Targets Army Soldiers Is Believed To Be Specific

A post from Fort Benning, Georgia, where recruits go for basic training, reveals that the police believe a scam is targeting these soldiers.

A Wednesday Facebook post by Fort Benning stated that unknown individuals seem to be focusing on introductory Soldiers in Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, or who just got to their initial assignment. People affected have been detected all over the Army and other military services.

West Point, the Army’s service academy, issued a warning about the widespread scam, which has so far not affected any West Point personnel. The message urged everyone to be aware of the methods used to target and exploit soldiers.

New Scam Targets Army Soldiers With Payroll Scheme
New Scam Targets Army Soldiers With Payroll Scheme
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