New Statistics Show Data Breaches Rose By 70%

Data breaches have risen by 70%. According to the latest statistics from Kaspersky Lab, the top five countries and regions where cyberattacks occur most often are Russia, France, Indonesia, the United States, and Spain.

However, Russia has the most attacks overall (22.3million), whereas France has the highest attack density, averaging 212 leaked accounts per 1,000 people.

Statistics In New Report Show An Increase

Data Breaches up 70%A new report by cybersecurity firm Surfshark says the staggering rise in breached users worldwide has been driven by an unprecedented jump in cyberattacks during the second quarter.

It’s concerning to see data breaches and other incidents again after a comparatively mild first half of the current calendar quarter, putting an enormous 108.9 million internet user accounts at risk.

According to Kaspersky Labs’ Global Threat Index (GloTIX), global user breaches are 70 percent higher this quarter than during the previous quarter. Every second in the last three quarters, 14 accounts were stolen, all of which came from different countries.

Global Conflict Escalated Data Breaches

The situation only changed at the beginning of the year when the number of breached Ukrainian accounts increased by 136% compared to the previous month, which coincided with Russia’s military intervention into Crimea.

Belarus was ranked 19th with 539,000 breaches last year but grew by four times compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, Ukraine dropped 14 percent of the prior year, taking them to the 17th worldwide.

According to the latest data from Indonesia’s National Computer Crime Agency (BNK), the number of Indonesian citizens affected by cybercrimes rose by nearly 1300 percent between Q1 2018 and Q3.

A total of 108.9M accounts were compromised in the third quarter of 2022. This data was published weeks after several major data breaches were revealed in the country, the largest of which impacted nearly two million people.