Scam Charges On Receipt – Check What You Paid For

Customers post scam charges on receipt stubs for things they did not pay for. This is happening at Walmart, Amazon, and more.

Shoppers worldwide caution others to always double-verify their receipt after an in-store incident.

Some had heard of similar scams before but thought they were fake. So she was surprised when she found out that these things happened.

After a woman made a transaction at the grocery store, she saw that the total bill was slightly too high. She was sure she had been cheated.

Do You Want Your Receipt?

Scam Charges on RecepitSince the pandemic, many retailers have been asking this question customers. And many customers are just saying, “Nah, I don’t need it” – however it opens up the door to fraud charges when you don’t have a final copy of what you paid for.

Cashiers charge extra for things you didn’t get or items they keep for themselves; you will never know the difference.

When a woman saw a mysterious $19.80 bill from an unknown vendor, Taylor scanned her receipts using the Fetch app to see if she had purchased something similar.

“This is an alert to be careful when checking your bank account statements. Because even though they might not steal $5, scammed accounts sometimes go unnoticed for months.”

“I know I’ve been a cash register clerk for years now, but it’s not until someone points it out to me that I realize just how often I did it.”

“I often use the express lane at checkouts when shopping,” one person commented.

“I always check my receipt before paying,” another person responded.

And Walmart is not alone. Mystery charges have been reported at other retail locations like Amazon (and their physical Prime grocery stores), Dollar General, CVS Pharmacy, and numerous local shops in towns like coffee shops, bars, and thrift stores.

Scam Charges On Receipt Have Happened Before

In 2017, a woman in Arkansas was overcharged by $10 from Walmart, but this isn’t an ongoing problem at Walmart stores across the country.

Walmart posted an alert saying, “If you receive this message, please report it immediately.” The message showed a charge of $10.00.

“We’re sorry to hear about this customer experience. We’ve reached out to our store manager to investigate further.” a spokesperson commented.

“We immediately started investigating this matter when it was reported to us and wanted to let our guests know that they are not being charged any extra fees. Unfortunately, one of our employees had mistakenly scanned a price higher than the actual merchandise cost. When we realized this mistake, we immediately corrected it and refunded the difference back to the guest. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank them for bringing this to our attention so we could take care of it right away.” – Charles C., Senior Manager, Corporate Communications.

Even though people may share internet headlines and rumors about this story, we can confirm that this situation has only affected a few people. But keep your eyes open for scam charges on receipt stubs.

My mother always checked the cashier’s receipts before leaving the store. Now, I do the same thing.