Pig Butchering Scam Goes Viral

Thousands of people have likely been affected by the Pig Butchering scam going viral in the crypto investing community. The FBI states that America is facing a “pig butchering” issue, costing the victims millions of dollars. The expression “pig butchering” is used to describe when scammers take advantage of an unknowing victim and convince them […]

Avoiding The Crypto Ice Phishing Scam

Here’s how to avoid the Crypto Ice Phishing Scam, a new threat that affects users of Web3 blockchain and cryptocurrency wallets. Ice phishing is a specific type of scam only appearing in Web3 and, according to a particular firm, “presents a considerable risk” for crypto users. A blockchain security provider recently warned crypto users to […]

Crypto Antivirus Offers Blockchain Protection

Crypto Antivirus offers blockchain protection for the Web3 ecosystem. In addition, “Web3 Antivirus” embeds with your web browser for better security. With crypto phishing scams at all-time highs, people constantly lose their investments. It can happen when you visit a site, a resource, a group, or a game, expecting to check it out and possibly […]

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