Android Apps That Are Stealing Bank Credentials

These Android phone apps are stealing bank credentials. Do you have anything on this list installed? If so, delete them now to stay safe. Malicious mobile applications don’t look anything like their legitimate counterparts. However, they behave just like any other app. When they tell users there’s an update available, what they’re installing is a […]

List of Chrome Extensions With Malware That Infected One Million Computers

Here is the list of Google Chrome extensions with malware that infected over one million computers. Remove now if you have one of these installed on your Windows PC. You know that you must be careful with what you download onto your computer—or at least you should be by now. Unfortunately, however, modern browsers are […]

Thousands of GitHub Repositories Exploit Vulnerabilities

A team of researchers from the Leiden Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computing Sciences discovered thousands of repos offering fake PoCs for GitHub Repositories Exploit, some containing malware. Researchers use GitHub to share their proof-of-concept (PoC) exploits so others can verify them. What Vulnerabilities Were Found Nearly 48,000 repositories were examined for advertising exploits for […]

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