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Vert Shock is a program designed to help people increase their vertical jumps. It was created by professional basketball player Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington, known for his impressive dunks and jumps. With this training program, anyone can add up to 9-15 inches to their vertical leap in as little as eight weeks. Vert Shock’s innovative three-phase approach utilizes proper rest and nutrition schedules, plyometric exercises, shock workouts, dieting tips, and more to optimize performance. As a result of the program’s success in increasing users’ height vertically, it is now considered one of the best in the industry of jump programs.

The online program is explicitly designed to help athletes improve their vertical jump. It consists of three phases: Pre-Shock, Shock, and Post-Shock, each lasting seven weeks. To access Vert Shock, users must log in using their username and password. On the login page, they can recover forgotten passwords or create a new account if they do not have one yet. The login credentials give athletes access to all the program’s instructional videos, workout plans, templates, and a members-only forum for complete discussion with other participants. With the correct login information, athletes will be well on their way to achieving their goals.

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Signing up for Vert Shock is a great way to improve your vertical jump dramatically. This training program is designed to give you results in only eight weeks, with complete instructions and workouts to guide you through the entire process. With online support and tutorials, you’ll be able to maximize the effort put into this program and see lasting improvements in your strength and explosiveness. Sign in and quickly learn how to become a dominant force on the court.

– Access critical benefits of signing up for the program?
– View the entire training program.
– Step-by-step instructions with videos and pictures to make it easy to follow.
– Access additional content and resources such as bonus videos, interviews with pros and athletes, articles, and more.
– Progress tracking tools so you can keep track of your records and find out what results in you’re getting from using Vert Shock.


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